How severe weather impacts global food supply

First published on CNN

Sometimes Jaria Faraj Ali is so hungry that she ties a scarf tight around her waist to make her feel more comfortable.

The Yemeni mother of six told the international aid group Oxfam that she has now resorted to begging because food prices are so high and she doesn’t have an income.

And in Pakistan, 28-year-old Asif Masih says he has to work at two jobs to buy enough food. “I drive a taxi part time as well as work in an office because otherwise me and my family won’t be able to eat,” he told CNN.

Their stories of hardship are echoed across the globe from Tajikistan to Peru where a recent spike in world food prices has hit the most vulnerable, and particularly in countries that rely on imported food.

Rising food prices have been blamed on a number of factors — for example, rising energy costs, changing land use for biofuel production, local conflicts, and an increasing demand for meat and dairy products.

But 2012’s severe weather events around the world have led to low yields in nations such as the U.S. that export grain. More…

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