Why I summer in Dublin and winter in Oz

Spend less on luxuries and you could enjoy next Christmas in 38C heat

First published on herald.ie

DUBLIN, I love you… but you’re bringing me down. Between the economy, the dismal sub-zero weather and the mild depression that has gripped the entire nation, my beloved city sometimes feels like it’s on the ropes.

My Twitter and Facebook timelines are an unending carnival of complaints, complacency and folk wishing they were elsewhere. Heading Down Under for an extended break seems like perfect common sense, given the circumstances. A couple of years ago, I interviewed Louis Walsh.

In the manner of a man who makes life work for him (rather than the other way around), he informed me that he ‘winters’ in Miami. Sure, the man has money to burn, but I thought it was an inspired idea. Enjoy the vibrancy of a Dublin summer and hotfoot it in the winter when temperatures and morale plummet.

Sure, I’m missing the cosy firesides, the climax of the X Factor, the tinselly run-up to Christmas on Moore Street, the Christmas parties. Yet I’m writing this from a beachside apartment, in the 38-degree Australian heat. Sod the X Factor. more...

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