TV chefs’ food isn’t unhealthy

Research suggests that ready-meals are healthier than those of many celebrity chefs. But that’s mainly down to smaller portion sizes

Larger portions, but still healthy: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall with some of his dishes. Photograph: Rex Features

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The media have made a hearty meal of research from the British Medical Journal revealing that some of us who cook on telly have published recipes that compare unfavourably for fat and calories with supermarket ready-meals.

Reading between the lines, it seems that portion control is more the culprit than a gung-ho attitude with the butter and cream. You tend to get a lot more food on your plate with a celebrity cookbook recipe than with a supermarket ready-meal.

Divide the quantity of ingredients by the number of people the recipe serves, and of course a more generous serving means more calories per portion. You can see how this difference comes about: I guess the cardinal sin for a chef/home cook/host is to be thought mean.

In the supermarket, by contrast, parsimony equals profit. more…

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